Broadway Mall Est. 2005

Vendor Set Up & Travel Directions
All booths are required to be open for all Mall hours.
Setting up or breaking down of booths must be before or after Mall hours and must be coordinated with Show Management
When arriving to set up go to the back of the mall and enter through the Movie Theatre entrance.
Come to the Rotunda Circle at the bottom of the escalator leading to the food court near the IKEA entrance inside the Broadway Mall.
On the Tuesday before each Show starting at 9pm (1/2 before the Mall officially closes) Show Management will be at the Rotunda Circle to begin assigning space locations to each vendor on a first come basis.
Vendor set up actually starts after the Mall closes at 9:30pm.
Vendors set up or break down only under the direction of Show Management.
Setting up or breaking down a set up is strictly prohibited during advertised Mall hours.

Vendors physically set up as follows:
1. On tables or using grids in the middle of the aisles leading to and from the Center Court near the IKEA entrance as well as in the Center Court itself;
2. On Mall issued carts along the main aisles elsewhere in the Mall in line with the year round carts and kiosks

Space sizes range from 6'x5 and up.

Vendors setting up on tables are required to use Show Management approved black table covers that reach the floor on all four sides of every table.
6' approved table covers are available at each show from Show Management for $20 each.
Decorative table covers are permitted to be placed on top of the black table covers.
Bare tables, plastic, bed sheets are strictly prohibited.

Handmade signs are strictly prohibited.

358 N. Broadway, Hicksville, NY